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Resilient Leadership Open Training Program

i-Resilience Assessment

Resilient organisations with high levels of psychological wellbeing have reduced sickness absence and higher employee engagement.

i-Resilience Program

Once we reach adulthood, our personalities remain relatively stable. However, our levels of resilience can vary considerably. Fortunately, everyone has the ability to build and maintain their levels of resilience. That’s why we created i-resilience!

The i-resilience report and online resources are the first set of integrated resilience tools available that are completely free to use, both for you and your entire organisation. Using our validated personality questionnaire and based on the responses, the i-resilience report reveals which of the four key components users naturally draw on for resilience – confidence, adaptability, purposefulness and the need for social support. Our i-resilience tool integrates seamlessly into our resilience training programs.

Three Simple Steps

Three simple steps to complete the i-resilience assessment and start developing your personal resilience. It integrates seamlessly into our Resilience Training Programs.

  • image description Complete Personality Questionaire
  • image description Download your report
  • image description Access Resilience Portal