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The leader in Positive Absence Management

Absence Management Services

Direct Health Solutions is a specialist in helping organisations manage unplanned absence. On average we help our clients reduce absenteeism by 25%-40%,  streamline processes, reduce admin, and provide the best absence reporting, management tools and analytics available today. We work with customers according to their needs to implement best practices.  We can design  tailored programs which result in an immediate bottom-line impact for the organisation.

Absence Management Services

Did you know the average cost of a sick day is $350 per day? In Australia, absenteeism costs employers $2,500 per employee per annum. Do you know how much absenteeism is costing you? We can tell you, and assist you to implement a program that will reduce this cost by 25%-40%. Our programs are self funded by reducing absence by 2.5%. Click here to estimate the cost of absenteeism to your business using our free absence cost calculator

DHS has over 12 years experience working with many of Australia’s leading organisations . We have developed unique expertise to make absence management less complex, and easier to manage and control. Across all industry sectors , from transport, to healthcare, callcentres to manufacturing and the public sector, our programs deliver significant results.  Our team of experts will project manage implementation with you and ensure a successful communication rollout. Key Absence Management Services are:

  • Complete Absence Management Service: Our ‘Nurse Led Absence Management recording and reporting service from Day 1 ‘ – a program for employees to call a central nurse contact centre to report absences to Registered Nurses and receive confidential health advice and support
  • AbsenceTrack: Our web based absence management, reporting  and analysis system to enable managers to manage absence effectively. This tool can be licensed for self service applications
  • Absence Management Training: Development for managers in managing absenteeism
  • Absence Management Consulting:  Our team of experts work with you to conduct a due diligence assessment of your absence management situation against best practices, and recommendations for improvement


  • Reduce absenteeism, and associated costs
  • Support healthy working lives and employee access to health support
  • Create consistent absence processes and procedures to enhance compliance and management engagement
  • Provide great absence reporting and real-time analytics to help our customers manage their business better
  • Be the recongised leader in absence management in Australia


Please contact DHS to discuss your requirements and read about our success stories throughout this site.


Key Absence Management Services

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  • image description AbsenceTrack Absence Reporting
  • image description Absence Management Training
  • image description Absence Mangaement Consulting