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AbsenceTrack - Realtime Absence Management System

AbsenceTrack™ is a web-based absence management system that provides real-time notification, recording and reporting of all employee unplanned leave data. Our advanced notification and reporting capabilities allow all levels of management to look at data in various ways and find trends and hotspots in departments and teams where absence rates are way below or above the rest of the organisation.

AbsenceTrack – Real-time Absence Management System

AbsenceTrack™ is a web based real-time reporting system for managing absence in the workplace. It is a specialist absence management system, designed specifically to assist front line managers and HR to tackle absenteeism in the workplace.

AbsenceTrack provides detailed analysis of absence trends, reasons, management actions, triggers, costs and more at the click of a button.

Based on evidence and proven to be an invaluable tool, Absence Track is like no other system on the market.

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Key Features

image descriptionAbsence Recording

  • Web-based system provides a central point of entry for all unplanned absences
  • Immediate and accurate notifications to multiple stakeholders
  • Absence classifications tailored to any business (e.g. medical vs carers leave)
  • Ability to record lateness in a single repository
  • Ability to auto-populate with payroll and rostering systems

image descriptionReal-time Reporting

  • Absence dashboards for rates, frequency, patterns and durations
  • RTW interview and policy compliance reporting increases management accountability
  • Individual analysis can be easily interpreted by front line managers
  • Bradford scoring and absence focus lists for problem areas
  • Push reporting of any key absence reports at any time
  • Additional monthly reporting pack for senior management and HR
  • Real-time monitoring of absence behaviours

image descriptionRTW Management

  • Online RTW interview forms for every absence
  • Line manager compliance tracking
  • Automatic alerts to management for absence patterns or thresholds reached
  • Reminders and escalations sent for uncompleted management actions
  • Detailed individual records for use in RTW interviews
  • Attachments and forms sent with alerts, including management guidelines
  • Online recording of case plans

image descriptionTrigger Management

Our Trigger Management Module maps onto an organisation's policies, procedures and specific absence needs. Each time an absence is reported, if an alert is triggered managers will receive a real-time notification email and/or sms. These alerts can be fully customised with attachments, including manager guides and instructions to ensure the recipient is aware of what steps need to occur in the process.

  • Absence policy alerts triggered in real-time
  • Automatic pattern alerts
  • Attachments and guidelines customised in emails to managers
  • Online filing system
  • Alerts for referrals to occupational health
  • Online e-learning and education tools for managers

Implementation of trigger management is a key step in developing a best practice absence management framework. Our team will guide you through the process.