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Injury Assist Nurse Triage Service

Injury Assist Nurse Triage Hotline

Our 24x7 Injury Assist Nurse Triage & Incident Recording service provides a single process for employes to report all workplace incidents and injuries. All incidents are recording through our Nurse Contact Centre, or by approved managers online via our web based incident recording system.

InjuryAssist Triage Service

The DHS InjuryAssist Nurse Triage service provides 24 x 7 access to triage nurses to assess, record and report all workplace injuries and incidents. When an injury occurs at your work site, you contact our Injury Hotline, your employee receives immediate medical advice from a Triage Nurse, and your workplace injuries are accurately recorded and notified. Our service is proven to reduce to reduce workers compensation claims by 30%-60%.

The InjuryAssist Triage Service

Our # 1 objective is to reduce your workers compensation and injury related costs. To do this you need to know that injured workers receive the right level of care and support as soon as a workplace injury occurs.

  • Provides immediate medical advice and first aid support to the injured employee
  •  24x7x365 service
  • Full injury recording and incident report documentation
  • Immediate notification via email/SMS via our Injury Management System
  • Immediate referral to our Approved Medical Provider Network of doctors, physio’s or your EAP, as required
  • A free benefit for employees in the event of injury or illness at work
  • Cost effective, pay per use service
  • Easy to set up, communicate and launch

How it Works


How does Injury Assist Work?

Key Outcomes

  • Day 1 Response: Early intervention at the most critical point to assist employees back to work sooner.
  • 24-7 nationwide access: employees can call around the clock to receive immediate professional medical advice and care, report their injury and be directed to the appropriate level of care.
  • Prompt injury report notification:  to all stakeholders who need to know. Centralised reporting of all workplace injuries; data customised to your requirements.
  • Reduced frequency and severity of workers compensation claims: thanks to immediate medical intervention.
  • Improved utilisation of Preferred Injury Treatment Network: Fast track injured workers into our preferred network of over 4,500 providers, all managed in one call!
  • Best in class advice and Nurse Expertise: medical protocols and guidelines applied for consistency of delivery and risk mitigation.


What Happens During a Nurse Triage Call?

  • Evaluate the urgency of the situation using robust medical triage protocols
  • Assess signs and symptoms
  • Provide immediate first aid and self care advice
  • Record injury details and notify key stakeholders within minutes of the call
  • Offer follow up calls to ensure the injured worker has the right level of treatment
  • Coordinate referral to medical practitioner  – GP’s or Physios, if treatment is necessary
  • Provide comprehensive reporting and data analytics


All of our clients obtain access to our unique software for incidents, injuries, investigations, corrective actions and our Dashboard and Reporting Platform.

Benefits of The Injury Hotline

  • Reduced claims costs by 60%
  • Reduce unnecessary doctor or physio referrals – 60% of injury calls are managed effectively by Nurse Triage with no need for further medical input
  • Improve consistency and completeness of reporting information through the use of our injury care reports
  • Reduce reporting lag times
  • Effective client communication with an injury report sent within minutes of call completion
  • Provider coordination with a referral report sent within minutes of call completion

Injury Assist Nurse Hotline Features

24 x 7 Injury Triage Hotline reducing MTI's and LTI's by 60% on average.

image descriptionInjury Reporting

  •     Report Injuries and incidents 24x7 via our Nurse Contact Centre
  •     Incident Reports sent via email/SMS in real-time to key staff
  •     Predefined email templates set up and custom incident forms
  •     Reduced reporting lag times
  •     Single database for all incident reports
  •     Detailed management reporting analysis

image descriptionInjury Triage

Our qualified nursing team can immediately triage injuries and prevent unnecessary visits to doctors.

  • Immediate medical advice for injuries
  • Full symptom or injury asessment
  • Calls handled with robust protocols deliver consistently high outcomes
  • Quicker referral for injuries when required
  • Online tracking of referral outcomes and investigations

image descriptionMedical Referral

Should the injured worker require further support to manage the injury, our Triage Nursing Team can Schedule an appointment with one of our Approved Medical Practitioner Network Providers. Appointments are typically scheduled within 30 minutes. Our network covers over 4,000 locations throughout Australia and New Zealand, and includes doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists.

image descriptionReporting Analysis

Our incident and injury reporting system provides insight and executive level dashboards on your injury performance. At the click of a button you can drill through all your organisation departments, to see injury counts, reasons, nature, lag times, frequency and much more. Enquire now for a demonstration

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