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Promoting and developing

Mentally Healthy workplaces

Managing Workplace Mental Health

More than one million people in Australia experience depression, anxiety or related substance use disorders each year.  By 2020 depression is going to be the largest health epidemic globally (WHO, 2012).  This has serious implications for employees, the organisation, and work health and safety laws.

Mental illness is a leading cause of employee absenteeism and workplace disability in the Western world.  DHS provides specialised products and services to help organisations implement mental health best practices, and minimise the costs associated with workplace mental ill-health.

Mental Health

Traditionally workplaces have not seen the early identification and treatment of a mental health problem as something that they could, or should, have a role in.  And yet, for years, businesses across Australia have ensured that managers are provided with first aid and health and safety training.  Businesses need to advocate the same importance that managers have on the physical safety of their teams, on the psychological health and wellbeing of the workforce.

DHS offers a range of mental health training programs and consulting solutions to build mentally healthy workforces and encourage high workplace attendance, engagement and productivity.

Please contact one of our mental health experts who can assist you to identify the programs that will be most suited to your challenges or requirements.