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Workplace Mental Health Training Programs

Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Program

Managers are at the front line and are the most likely to come across mental health issues with their staff.  Our Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Program increases managers' awareness, understanding and ability to recognise the most common mental health problems which occur in the workplace.  It also equips managers with the knowledge, skills and confidence to manage mental health issues and conduct structured discussions using evidence-based approaches and guidelines.

For the Manager

This is a highly practical workshop which includes video footage, case studies, and a role play element around having the conversation.  Participants are also provided with a Mental Health Resource Pack for Managers which includes a library of fact sheets, conversation aids, and a comprehensive manager handbook.

Recommended duration:  Full Day

Number of participants: 12

Audience:  Managers, supervisors, team leaders.

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“Mental illness affects everyone in Australia in some way. It is Australia’s third biggest health problem after heart disease and cancer. Almost half the population will have a mental health problem at some point in their lives, but 100% of us will have a family member, a friend or a colleague who has a mental health problem. Therefore 100% of the population - including our workforce - needs some understanding of what it is, how it affects people and how to help support those affected by a mental health problem.” Lucy Rowlands, Principal Psychologist, DHS