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creating resilient, engaged and high performing workplaces

Leadership Impact

Leadership Impact is a personal development report that provides insight into the impact leaders and managers have on the well-being and engagement of their staff.

Leadership Impact

Based on a personality questionnaire, the report starts by identifying how the leader or manager naturally balances challenge and support. Getting this balance right is a cornerstone of effective leadership and management. Later, the report brings these results to life by directly mapping them onto the ‘6 Essentials of workplace well-being’. In doing so, leaders and managers instantly see how their natural strengths influence the key workplace factors that enable and block well-being. They also gain insight into the risks of overusing their strengths.


Leadership Impact reports are concise, easy to interpret and can be distributed directly to leaders and managers. The language is accessible and non-technical. More in-depth feedback can be provided to maximise the development opportunity – for example, as part of a coaching or line manager development program. Direct Health Solutions partners with clients to integrate Leadership Impact into their existing business processes, including:

  • Line manager training
  • Senior leadership & Board level development
  • Team away days
  • Internal coaching programs
  • Performance management, including appraisals and 360 feedback
  • Management induction

What The Leadership Impact Approach Can Deliver For You

  • Improvements in leadership style to enable a climate of high performance
  • Enhanced performance of leaders when under pressure
  • Sustained performance under pressure from leaders’ work groups
  • Increased levels of empathy in your leadership group
  • Leaders learn to adapt their behavior to create positive and productive environments for their work groups
  • Leaders increase their range of responses to suit the demands of the different situations they face
  • Leaders learn how to develop the mental toughness and flexibility required to lead through times of change and uncertainty
  • Increased levels of resilience across the organisation


Contact us now for a free consultation on Leadership Impact and how it can help you build a more resilient and effective leadership approach.

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