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Resilience Diagnostic

Resilience Diagnostic

Evidence based tool to enable organisations to accurately and reliably measure and benchmark the levels of resilience across your organisation, and tailor programs that deliver positive organisational results.

Resilience Diagnostic

Our diagnostic tool helps organisations take the first step towards establishing a workplace characterised by well-being, motivation and peak performance. Our well-being survey is the market-leading tool for identifying the sources and symptoms of pressure at work. It has been developed over the last 9 years and its reporting is state of the art.  The tool now has well over 100,000 cases of data against which to benchmark your own results. This means that you can tap into the power of a normative database to ensure that you are benchmarking around well-being factors that are objective and meaningful.

Our tool helps you understand your organisational well-being status to ensure targeted, evidence based interventions which promote a resilient, high performing and engaged workforce.

Key Benefits

  • Benchmark your business against a powerful well-being database
  • A proven tool which is flexible to suit your needs
  • An objective picture of your current well-being situation – create the starting point for cultural improvement
  • Identify the barriers to well-being amongst your employees – find hotspots and deal with them!
  • Get reports into the hands of management to drive local improvements
  • Replicate examples of best practice across the whole organisation
  • Improve well-being levels to positively impact important business level outcomes like customer satisfaction, sickness absence and productivity
  • Tap into a wealth of knowledge on key actions to build a well-being culture
  • Understand the results of your existing engagement survey through a well-being lens that provides specific actions for improvement
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of your interventions over time from a reliable baseline


Contact us to find out more about our resilience and well-being diagnostic and how it all works.

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