DHS partners with a Telecommunications provider to reduce absenteeism since May 2007.

For the past 8 years DHS has worked with Australia’s fastest growing Telecommunications provider who now employees 3500 staff worldwide.  Through a large scale merger and acquisition strategy our client has transformed into the third largest Telco in Australia.

The contact centre industry is renowned for having absenteeism levels up to 50% higher than other occupations. DHS has worked collaboratively with our client to develop and implement a strategy and infrastructure which has reduced absenteeism to below industry standards.  The program is built on a flexible structure that enables multi-level decision making, and incorporates early intervention and prevention approaches.  Employees are required to notify of an absence via a centralised nurse led absence recording and medical advice line.  The line is in operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

All levels of management have access to a comprehensive Dashboard which provides insights into causes, frequency, and duration of absence in real-time.  Individual Absence Records are used by managers to assist with return to work conversations with notes being entered into a single on-line repository.  Return to work compliance reporting is used by HR and senior management to drive proactive return to work behaviours.

Centralised Absence Recording, Health Advice and Reporting Solution Delivers Consistent and Proactive Approach to Absence Management.

  • Consistent 24/7 nurse led recording of all absences
  • Online, secure 24/7 management information via the DHS reporting system
  • Confidential medical advice to employees and their family members
  • Return to work interview compliance monitoring
  • Alerts, triggers and absence policy monitoring
  • Tailored push reports
  • Proactive account management and monthly analysis of absence data trends
  • Centralised workplace incident recording for all workplace incidents and injuries
  • Auto feed of absence data into payroll

Management Training

In addition to the above, DHS also provide a range of management training programs aimed at developing positive leadership skills in the areas of:

  • Absence management fundamentals
  • Managing triggers
  • Managing mental health at work
  • Resilience building

Benefits and Results

DHS have been able to deliver the following benefits:

  • 45% absence reduction
  • Substantial and  measurable financial savings (over $1 million per annum)
  • Consistent and sustainable approach to absence across 10 working locations (supported with relevant KPI’s)
  • Improved employee health and wellbeing