Our client employs over 1000 employees and produces over 1 million chickens a week via a state of the art production facility. However it was experiencing higher than average levels of absenteeism which was driving increased production costs. Absent employees resulted in higher use of casuals and overtime leading to reduced output. Absence recording and monitoring was inconsistent, and the process at that point failed to enable the business to understand what was causing and driving absence across all business units.

Centralised Absence Recording & Notifications

In 2010 our client introduced DHS’ 24×7 Absence Recording & Notification Service. Since then absence levels have fallen and remained sustainably lower. The DHS Nurse Contact Centre provides all employees with a central point to report an absence and to receive professional health advice and support throughout their absence. The nurse works to establish an estimated return to work date and sends an automatic absence notification via email and/or SMS to key management staff. During the absence, nurses make follow-up calls to update the employee’s progress and offer further advice, if required. Our online reporting suite provides approved managers access to on-line absence reports that allow for absence benchmarking and insight into employee patterns and trends.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Improved consistency for reporting employee absences
  • Access to health advice when sick
  • Accurate capture of all lateness notifications
  • Improved OH&S and production quality

For further information or to find out how DHS can help you introduce a successful Absence Management Program in to your organisation, contact us now.