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Health. People. Technology.

Our Infrastructure

We  have developed an organisation focused on delivering the expertise, consulting advice and technology platform to drive our strategy, and your outcomes forward.

Our Infrastructure

We have led and managed some of the most successful Absence Management and Well-being initiatives in Australia over the past eight years. Our Platform for service delivery is based upon the following key elements:

  • Contact Centre Infrastructure DHS operate a 24x7x365 Contact Centre to record and report workplace absences, injuries and incidents. DHS has world class Avaya Telephone Technology. To ensure we provide an exception and prompt service we have reporting and monitoring systems in place for all activities within the Contact Centre.
  • AttendPro Reporting Platform Our reporting system is developed and maintained 100% in house by our IT team. This means our platform can be modified and tailored to each individual customer requirements. The reporting platform is the only Absence Management system that helps organisations manage absence end to end. It is the system that brings best practice together.
  • Web Based Access All managers and HR staff receive security restricted access to our online Reporting System. Encrypted and protected with HTTPS and authentication procedures ensures your information is safe and secure. Access and security controls are in place for all critical functions and are monitored.
  • Data Analytics Managing absence effectively requires exceptional abilities to analyse and interpret data. We employ a team of data analysts who work closely with our Reporting IT team to develop insight into each customer’s absenteeism data.
  • Organisational Leadership & Research DHS employ staff that have an expertise or consulting background that is suited to our services so that each interaction with have with customers is valuable and beneficial. For these reasons we employ experienced organisational psychologists who have strong business acumen, experienced medical professionals and trainers. Our research team is headed up by our organisational psychology area.
  • Client Responsiveness We have a round the clock client service response function. We endeavour to respond to each client service inquiry within 2 hours and always within 24 hours. We place a high degree of emphasis internally towards servicing our customers efficiently and accurately.