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About Us

Partnering with us

We take a strong management consulting and account servicing approach to all our engagements with customers. We are a highly cohesive team of consultants with strong leadership, innovative thinking and flexible approaches that are heavily researched.

Partnering with us

On average, we reduce unplanned absences by 20%-40% and provide employees with a truly valued, confidential medical advice and well-being benefit. A positive ROI is obtained by reducing absence by just 2.5%, delivering hard financial savings whilst genuinely supporting your people.

Organisation Benefits

  • Reduced absence by 40%
  • A consistent approach to absence notification and recording
  • Enhanced visibility of problem areas and drivers of absence
  • Self-funded health benefit for employees
  • Access to specialist knowledge and online reporting tools
  • Full RTW and Trigger Management platform drives improved outcomes


Line Manager Benefits

  • All managers receive behavioural training to develop the knowledge, skills and techniques to manage ad-hoc and problematic absences in their teams.
  • Immediate notification of employee absence history via convenient medium (email/SMS)
  • Reduced administrative workload – more focus on managing the absence
  • Real-time absence reporting tools
  • Trigger alerts for high level absences
  • Pre-populated return to work forms and absence records


Human Resources Benefits

  • A strategic framework for managing absence end to end
  • Less admin chasing forms
  • Insight and recommendations provided by DHS to HR to address challenges
  • Improved visibility and data to focus on managing problematic absence
  • Increased visibility of manager actions to complete return to work interviews
  • Increased data accuracy


Employee Benefits

  • Access to medical advice 24×7
  • A simple process to relay absence
  • Genuine support during illness
  • Early referral and identification of ongoing medical risks, encourages proactive management