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Our People

Our People

Care. Knowledge. Delivery. Results.

Our People

Managing Director

DHS was founded and is led by Paul Dundon, who introduced the Absence Management from Day 1 Nurse led service to Australia.

Management Consulting Team

DHS has a team of organisational psychologists, mental health experts and leadership trainers who consult and deliver programs and help design strategies for our customers.

Nursing Team

We employ a team of highly experienced registered nurses who on average have over 10 years’ experience in areas such as emergency triage, acute care, occupational health and general nursing. Our team of nurses, who are supported by the highest quality protocols, play their part in providing symptom assessments and advice to staff on a daily basis. In many cases employees may be referred to hospital for serious health conditions, right through to calling an ambulance for an emergency. The nurses role is to offer advice, support and education on managing health so that your staff feel truly valued.

Service Delivery Team

Once we engage with a customer, we set up a multidisciplinary team to manage the implementation of the program, and provide ongoing Account Management Support and advice on how to reduce absence. This team is typically made up of a Project Owner, Project Manager, Data Analyst, Account Manager and Organisational Psychologist to oversee the training and consult on HR matters. This team will provide the tools and resources to support you, the customer, to implement our programs and successfully manage the change process. Monthly updates, reporting and account meetings are recommended to monitor program successes.