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Pre-Employment Medical Screen

A not for profit organisation requiring direct interaction with disadvantaged members of the population was facing significant health and safety challenges. In particular, the organisation was concerned about employees exposed to behavioural risks throughout the course of their employment, a lack of pre employment medical processes in place, and limited available funds to invest in an extensive medical program but the desire to increase the level of risk protection for its staff.

The Solution

Direct Health Solutions (DHS) were engaged in mid-2018 to design a bespoke on-line pre-employment medical screen for the Society to address the above challenges. The solution included the following key elements:

  • Online form tailored to the inherent requirements of the role
  • Link provided to all candidates during the recruitment process
  • Questionnaire reviewed by DHS Medical Assessment Team and statement of results with clear fit/unfit guidance and recommendations for reasonable adjustment provided


The solution was fully embraced by the Society and provided the following benefits:

  • Significantly improved risk protection for a minor investment
  • Improved candidate experience and initial onboarding through better understanding of the inherent requirements of the role prior to commencement
  • Final statement of results provided within 1 business day of candidate completion