Direct Health Solutions is delighted to release the 2016 Absence Management and Wellbeing Survey Report findings on 8th November 2016. The survey provides benchmarks on absenteeism levels and management practice across 109 organisations employing over 240,000 Australian workers. It is the 9th edition of the annual survey.

The report reveals that employee absenteeism levels increased by .9 of a day from 8.6 days per employee per annum to 9.5 days per employee per annum. The medium was 9 days per employee per annum.

85% of respondent organisations reported they were focused on reducing absenteeism, according to Paul Dundon, Managing Director of Direct Health Solutions. “Absenteeism is costing employers on average $3,608 per worker per annum. It is an enormous labour cost businesses incur, which can be significantly reduced by introducing absence management practices that have been proven to reduce absence levels below average levels.

“There are significant costs savings achievable if employers get their approach right. When organisations also factor in the indirect costs of absenteeism, such as replacement labour, and lost productivity and increased risk, absenteeism can cost organisations up to 8% of total payroll costs.”

The survey benchmarks absenteeism levels by major industry sectors. Absenteeism was highest in the Telecommunications sector (11.6 days), followed by the Public Sector (10.9 days) and Transport & Logistics (10.8 days). Absence levels in Banking, Finance & Insurance  increased significantly to 9.7 days.

The Contact Centre industry experienced a 14% reduction in absence levels, to 9.7 days per employee per annum, down from 11.6 days in 2015.

In addition to providing a range of benchmark absence data, the survey reports on how organisations approach the management of absence and wellbeing in the workplace.

The Report provides benchmarks and data into:

  •       Absence Rates, across industry sectors, state, role types etc.
  •       Absence Costs
  •       Absence Causes
  •       Employee Behaviour
  •       Managing Absence: Policy and Practice
  •       Absence Reporting & Data

This is an essential report for any HR manager….To purchase a copy of the report email or contact DHS on 1300 655 123. The report is available for purchase from Direct Health Solutions for $595 + GST.

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