How to use the The Bradford Factor to Manage Employee Absenteeism

One of the most common mechanisms for managing employee absenteeism when dealing with absence is the Bradford Factor. The Bradford Factor is a scale that can be utilised to monitor how disruptive frequent short-term absence can be relative to often more occasional or longer term absence.

Bradford Factor scores are a way of identifying individuals with serious absence and patterns of absence worthy of further investigation. Direct Health Solutions AbsenceTrack system automatically calculates Bradford Scores and enables organisations to implement a program effectively.

“Organisations can use Bradford Scores to highlight frequent absence patterns in real- time” says Paul Dundon, Managing Director of DHS. “Organisations will use Bradford Factor scores differently, depending on the levels of absence, roster patterns and the types of action, if any, HR and management would like to initiate.”

Fundamentally, it helps highlight causes for concern and often is one of the first steps in an attendance procedure. The Direct Health Solutions Absence Management Reporting Platform includes in-built features to effectively use the Bradford Factor.

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