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Real Time Absence Management Platform

AbsenceTrack - Absence Management Platform

A web-based absence management reporting solution that provides real-time recording and reporting of all your employee absence data. Online tasks such as RTW interviews  and reminders help managers to stay on track and our reporting helps you to pinpoint trends and hotspots in real-time.

AbsenceTrack Platform

  • The AbsenceTrack platform ensures organisations can now easily record, monitor, track, report and manage all absence processes .


  • AbsenceTrack is a powerful, real-time absence reporting system that enables managers, and our customers, to take control of absence fast, and implement consistent, proactive management of absenteeism. With accurate data feeds to and from 3rd party systems, or entered directly by managers, it provides a cost effective approach.


  • DHS has developed AbsenceTrack over the past 15 years, and has powerful business intelligence insights and provides in-built tools, such as online return to work interviews, trigger management, compliance reporting, policy breach identification, medical certificate storage and much much more.

Key Features

image descriptionAbsence Recording & Notifications

  • Web based system provides central point of entry for all absence information
  • Immediate and accurate notifications to multiple stakeholders
  • Absence classifications tailored to your business (eg. medical vs carers leave)
  • Ability to record lateness
  • Ability to auto-populate your Payroll and rostering systems

image descriptionReal-time Management Info

  • Absence dashboards, for rates, frequency, patterns and durations
  • RTW & Policy Compliance Reporting, drives management accountability
  • Individual analysis, easily interpreted by front line managers
  • Bradford Scoring & absence focus lists for problem areas
  • Push reporting of your key absence metrics
  • Monthly reporting pack for senior management

image descriptionRTW & Trigger management

  • Online return to work forms for every absence
  • Line manager compliance tracking
  • Automatic alerts to management for absence patterns or thresholds reached
  • Reminders and escalations sent for uncompleted management actions
  • Detailed individual records for use in interviews
  • Attachments and forms sent with alerts, including management guidelines
  • Online recording of case plans

Our Trigger Alert system is fully customisable to align with your workplace agreements. We also have a number of HR specific tools to review the quality of RTW interviews.

image descriptionComplex
absence data

  • Manage full orgnisational structure and hiearchies
  • Manage your own employee data via simple upload functions
  • Auto-transfer data directly into Payroll and Rostering in real-time via webservice, or bactch via CSV schedule
  • HTTPS encrypted with security controls

The system is full supported 24x7 via our data analyst and client service team.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Easy to use

    They online system is easy to use for managers who can see all absence information for employees in their teams.

  • Secure restricted access

    Managers have access only to employees and departments that are within their area of responsibility.

  • Training Support

    The system is support by a range of e-learing tools and resources which will ensure your managers are fully equipped to make the most of the reporting system.

  • Enterprise Functionality

    Designed and built to be rolled out across enterprise sized customers, or even small to medium businesses, who need to benchmark and compare organisational units.

  • Security

    The system is protected with the highest levels of access security restrictions

  • Data Management Support

    Your are in safe hands with our data management team, who will support you to manage and maintain your employee data, updating new employees and removing leavers.

  • Account Management

    Our account management team will provide you with comprehensive support to achieve your absence g0als, including a full review and assessment of your absence data, and recommendations for improvement.

AttendPro is an incredibly easy absence management reporting system to use and provides a simple process for our managers to follow. ,
I've used a few absence recording systems, and this system is far superior in helping managers to manage absence in their teams, and HR to monitor compliance ,

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