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Absence Management Solutions

Absence Management Services

Direct Health Solutions help our clients reduce absenteeism by up to 40%. We provide a simple, effective strategic program that delivers sustainable results.


Absence Management Services

DHS Absence Management program is a simple, effective and evidence based approach to tracking, managing and reducing absenteeism in the workplace.

Our program reduces unplanned absence rates, getting employees back to work faster, and enabling managers to identify, manage and resolve problematic absence patterns promptly.

We work across all industry sectors , from transport, to healthcare, callcentres to manufacturing and the public sector, supporting over 175,000 employees.  Our Positive Absence Management Services include:

  • Absence Management from Day 1: Our 24×7 Absence Management recording and reporting service from Day 1 ‘ – a best practice program which centralises the reporting of all absenteeism to a Nurse-led Absence Reporting contact centre, who will record all absences, notify managers and provide confidential health advice and support to employees 24/7.
  • AbsenceTrack: AbsenceTrack is our web based absence management system, providing real-time notification alerts, reporting  and analysis system to enable managers to manage absence effectively.
  • Absence Management Training: DHS has developed fundamental and advanced training programs for managers
  • Absence Management Consulting:  Our team of experts work with you to conduct a due diligence assessment of your absence management situation against best practices, and recommendations for improvement


Please contact DHS to discuss your requirements and read about our success stories throughout this site.

Key Absence Management Services

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  • image description AbsenceTrack Platform
  • image description Absence Management Training
  • image description Absence Management Consulting

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