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25% average reduction in absence...
improved employee wellbeing!

24x7 Absence Management Service

Our Nurse Contact Centre has handled over 5 million absence calls and achieved absence reductions of between 25%-40%.  Our best practice absence management program supports employee health, streamlines absence reporting processes and provides managers with the tools they need.

Absence Management Service

DHS innovated our 24×7 positive absence management service delivered through our 24×7 Nurse Contact Centre and underpinned by our leading edge reporting management system, AbsenceTrack.

Our nurse led absence management program establishes a consistent best practice methodology to report all unplanned absences. With accurate absence data recording, our nurses provide confidential health advice and support to employees on ”Day 1, and notify managers through our AbasenceTrack platform real-time. Our 24/7 Nurse Contact Centre, staffed by AHPRA Registered Nurses trained for absence management, handles over 500,000 absence calls annually from some of Australia’s leading employers.

Absences are recorded in AbsenceTrack, a powerful, real-time management system that embeds your company absence management rules, monitors and tracks absence, automatically identifies hot spots, trends, reasons and much more.

Management tools for managing absence, and addressing problematic cases are embedded in the program, ensuring you can proactively develop a culture of attendance.

Our Absence Analytics platform and expert team of absence consultants proactively identify patterns, hotspots and areas HR and senior leaders need to focus on to take control of absenteeism.

Process for Employees



Simplified Management



High Impact Elements

image description24 x 7 Absence Recording & Notifications

We operate a 24x7 Nurse Contact Centre located in Australia, and we service clients in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.

image descriptionConfidential Professional Medical Advice & Triage

We provide immediate medical advice to employees 24x7x365 to support their health and wellbeing.

image descriptionAbsenceTrack

DHS has developed one of the worlds most sophisticated Absence Management Reporting Platforms, that will drive all of your management practices. Our system is based on evidence best practice.

image descriptionRTW & Management Tools & Resources

Our program delivers organisation best practice processes, and procedures that are easy to rollout across organisations of any size.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I caculate the cost of absenteeism to my business

    To calculate your absenteeism costs and the potential ROI with DHS click here

  • What are the service hours?

    We operate 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

  • Are all nurses registered?

    All of our nurses are registered with AHPRA and have 4+ years of Tele-health experience. They are specially trained in absence management in the workplace, and utilise the best tele-health protocols and health information available.

  • What is the typical feedback from employees?

    Our customer surveys indicate that over 97% of employees find the single point of contact to report an absence, and the access to free and confidential medical advice both extremely beneficial and a great company initiative.

  • Do you provide full implementation support?

    Yes - we will allocate a project manager to manage implementation end-end. Our team includes a absence program project manager, communications manager, training manager, data analyst, and IT specialist team. Our consulting team advises customers on the strategies and approaches that have been successful in other blue and white collar implementations.

  • Can your system talk to payroll or workforce planning systems?

    Yes - every absence reported in our system can be automatically fed into any payroll or workforce planning system in real-time or via a batch file. A key benefit of this approach is that it eliminates the need for employees to manually complete leave forms, as well as simplifies the leave approval process for managers. It is a very efficient process improvement our clients can gain value from.

  • We have multiple EBA's. Can your system be configured to deal with this?

    Yes - our system has extensive configuration options to cater for various workplace agreements, policies and procedures within the same organisation.

It's highly beneficial to know our company is providing free and robust health advice when it is so difficult to see a GP at short notice. ,
I called up to seek advice for my sick mother. The nurse conducted a full assessment and advised that I take her to the hospital straight away. Once we got there, she was fast tracked through emergency. It no doubt saved my mother's life! Thank you. ,
This program has delivered our business a consistent and sustainable approach to managing unplanned leave. It provides my managers with the best reporting tools to give them the confidence to manage absence daily. We have kept our absence levels at nearly half the industry average thanks to the DHS service. ,

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