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Training & Consulting Services

DHS provides specialist training for managers in  Absence Management, Mental Health and Resilience.

We have developed a range of fundamental absence programs, and advances programs for HR and senior leaders.

We provide training onsite, and in Open Training Program forums delivered by expert leadership trainers and organisational psychologists.



DHS is the leader in providing absence management training to managers. We have trained 10’s of thousands of managers nationally, and overseas.  Our training can either be delivered independently, or as part of a broader roll-out of our Absence Management from Day 1 Service.

DHS provides best practice absence management training to give your managers and human resource staff the competence and self assurance to deal with a range of unplanned leave challenges. Our Absence Management Development Program focuses on the core competencies required to effectively deal with absenteeism in the workplace. It raises awareness of the psychological factors that contribute to motivated absence, and provides the tools and  techniques for managing all types of unplanned leave.

  • Essential elements of good absence management
  • Strategies to minimise a culture of entitlement
  • Risk Behaviour Model of motivated absence
  • Managing the 4 Core Types of absenteeism behaviours
  • Conducting collaborative and quality RTW interviews
  • Choosing the right RTW interview approach
  • Understanding how to address patterns and medical certificates constructively
  • How to develop an Attendance Improvement Plan and manage trigger points


DHS has trained over 10,000 leaders across Australia and New Zealand to effectively manage absenteeism in the workplace.  Our programs can be tailored to meet a customer’s organisational needs and workplace culture.  Please contact us to find out how we can deliver a program that is fit for purpose.