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Peer support program to foster mentally healthy workplaces.

Employee Mental Health Awareness Workshop

This interactive workshop is designed to increase participants' awareness into the most common mental health problems of depression, anxiety, and substance use disorder.  Participants learn what it means to be off balance versus having a bad day, self-care strategies to build their own mental wellbeing, and a simple first aid technique to support a distressed colleague.

Mental Health Employee Workshops

Participants will be exposed to a number of practical activities, video footage, and a structured first aid discussion aimed at increasing their confidence to manage their own mental health and support a colleague they are concerned about.  Participants will also be provided with a Mental Health Employee Pack containing a range of targeted educational resources.

Recommended duration:  2 hours

Number of participants:  Up to 50

Audience:  All staff

If you are interested in finding out more about our Employee Mental Health Awareness Workshop please click here.