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Creating Resilient and high performing Workplaces

Resilience Training

"...more than education, experience, or training, an individuals level of resilience will determine who succeeds and who fails" Harvard Business Review

Resilience Training

Well-being and resilience are strong predictors of workplace performance and productivity. The ability to develop the skills to bounce-forward from adversity and thrive on the challenge and change inherent in today’s workplaces is proven to drive greater success for individuals and organisations. Our programs help employees and leaders develop resilience strategies to face the challenges and change inherent in organisational life.

Resilience is the capacity to bounce-forward from setbacks and to keep going in the face of tough demands and difficult circumstances, including the enduring strength that builds from coping well with challenging or stressful situations. Resilience is a combination of personality, job/work attitudes, and learned skills, and it can be developed.

Who Is Resilience Training For?

Resilience training is relevant for leaders and employees. Programs are designed to help participants understand, build and develop their resilience in order to respond effectively to workplace challenges.

Resilience Training For Leaders

Direct Health Solutions assists organisations integrate resilience training into their leadership development strategy. Typically delivered as a full-day program it provides practical tools and strategies for managers to understand their role in relation to the well-being, engagement and ultimately performance of their team/s. In addition to what’s covered in the resilience training program the course focuses on the personal resilience of leaders and their leadership role as it impacts the well-being and resilience of others. The session also explores a model of well-being and the role that leaders play in getting the balance right between challenge and support for their work group.

Participants complete a personal resilience assessment prior to attending the program. As well as receiving their Personal Resilience Profile each participant will also receive their own personalised Leadership Impact Report that shows their leadership profile and the impact that this has on maximising the well-being, resilience and performance of their team/s.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • Understand the impact that they have on the performance and well-being of their team
  • Understand how to develop team based resilience and the right level of pressure to promote peak performance
  • Identify actions to improve the morale, performance and resilience of their teams, as well as on a personal level
  • Proactively manage the way they lead their teams to ensure they play their role in maximising well-being and engagement

Resilience  For Employees

Resilience Training for employees is typically delivered as an interactive workshop session. The goal of the training is to ensure that by effectively drawing on aspects of their personal resilience (such as flexible thinking, meaning and purpose, optimism, and strengths) employees will be able to cope and respond positively to a variety of situations. The emphasis is on ensuring that employees have the personal resilience to deal with negative ‘hindrance’ pressures and how to make the most of positive ‘challenge’ pressures.

Each participant completes an on-line resilience questionnaire which will generate a Personal Resilience Profile showing how their personality shapes their personal resilience – which not only makes the course interactive but also really helps bring the subject to life.

What Will Participants Learn?

  • The relationship between challenge, performance, well-being and resilience
  • Identifying personal strengths and how to leverage these
  • The pressure-performance curve (rust out v burn out): Keeping pressure positive
  • Specific skills to manage your own psychological well-being at work: Building optimism, challenging negative thoughts, knowing your strengths, building supportive networks, finding purpose and meaning
  • Strategies to encourage long term behaviour and attitude change towards developing resilience


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