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Early Intervention Injury Management Programs

Injury Management Services - InjuryAssist

InjuryAssist is a unique, early intervention injury management program, that is reducing workplace injuries and unnecessary medical treatment injuries by 60% which also streamlines injury management for many of Australia's leading organisations.

Injury Management

Early Intervention Injury Management Services

DHS Early Intervention Injury Management Programs enable clients to proactively manage workplace and non-workplace injuries and illness, 24/7/365.

We specialise in the delivery of a proactive nurse-led triage service, focussing on early intervention and early return-to-work strategies. Our comprehensive early intervention program provides injured workers with immediate health guidance, and ensures you find the most qualified clinician and appropriate path for treatment, from Day 1.

Our programs are tailored to each clients specific requirements depending on your volume of injuries, geographic locations, and need for follow up injury management support from our Injury Management Advisor Team.

Key Program Modules

InjuryAssist Triage

24/7 Injury Triage (Nurse Triage & Medical Advice) service is delivered by specially trained AHPRA registered nurses, doctors and physio’s  available 24x7x375, including Tele-medicine consultations.

Injury Treatment by Doctor or Physiotherapist

Access to our network of 4,000 + injury specific doctors and physiotherapists across 2,000 locations for early intervention treatment and injury management.

RTW Injury Management Programs 

A team of IMA’s and health professionals who provide immediate and ongoing injury management support to your current team, or outsource your program to us

Injury and Incident Recording Call Centre and Reporting System 

24/7 centralised reporting of all workplace incidents and/or injuries, and access to our industry leading Incident Reporting Software and Reporting tool


Program Benefits

  • Immediate support for injured/unwell workers 24/7
  • Reduction in lost time injuries
  • Reduction in over-medicalisation of injuries, by up to 85%
  • Reduced reporting lagtime
  • Proactive injury management control from Day 1
  • Alleviate your injury management team, or outsource your injury management to DHS
  • Free service for employees, with treatment referrals coordinated by our Injury Management Team
  • Access to doctors and physiotherapists enrolled in our InjuryAssist Program

Pricing is base on a number of factors related to your injury volume, and specific requirements. DHS can tailor a solution of any size to suit your requirements. Contact us on 1300 655 123 to discuss your needs and obtain a proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the typical reduction in claims following the introduction of this type of service?

    Our clients typically achieve a reduction in claims of 40%. On average between 60% and 85% of injury referrals are successfully managed via the InjuryAssist Triage Service, without further need for treatment.

  • How quickly can you obtain a medical appointment for an injured worker?

    Medical appointments are typically scheduled within 15 minutes of request. Over 95% of appointments are scheduled same day.

  • Can we request a medical referral after 5.30pm?

    Yes. We operate a 24/7 service and triage and medical treatment requests can be requested at any time. Many of our clinics operate after hours, and appointments may be scheduled. In some cases the appointment may need to be the next day.

    We can also arrange for a doctor to see the employee at the workplace, or at home.

  • Can employees elect to see their own GP?

    Employees always have the right to see their own doctor for treatment. In this case, we can, with consent, discuss the injury with the doctor and send company specific task analysis and suitable duties information to ensure a lost time injury is avoided if safe to do so.

  • Who do I speak to when I ring InjuryAssist

    Injured workers will speak directly with a Registered Nurse specially trained in occupational health and injury management. Nurses are able to provide immediate clinical triage, and advice to ensure the injured worker is reassured.

    Ongoing cases are managed by our Injury Management Advisors, who liaise directly with the injured worker, manager, treatment provider and Injury Management teams to facilitate a safe and speedy return to duties.