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Safety Incident Hotline Service

Safety Incident Hotline Service

24/7 incident reporting service for large organisations seeking to centralise and improve the reporting of incidents, and follow up actions.

Reduce reporting lagtimes, enhance the quality of reporting, and simplify the process.

Safety Incident & Injury Hotline

DHS provide a 24/7 incident and injury recording service for organisations seeking to streamline and centralise the reporting of all workplace incidents. Using our  Web-based incident and injury management software system, all incidents can be called through to DHS and entered into an online real-time incident recording, notification and reporting platform.

Our reporting system can interface directly with InjuryConnect, QuickClaim or any other internal system you may have.

  • 24/7 Incident & Injury reporting via our Incident hotline service
  • Complete capture of your incident report – consistent, comprehensive and accurate reporting
  • Full coding of incidents according to TOOCS or any internal custom requirements you have
  • Ability to escalate notifiable incidents
  • Incredible incident dasbhoard reporting – real-time access, and monthly analysis that are Board Presentation ready, accurate, and visually stunning
  • Ability for managers to also record hazards and near-hits online or via the Safety Hotline Serivce

Our platform is rapidly configured to your unique requirements, including forms, investigation and corrective actions, notification alerts, and reporting. Each year over 150000 workplace incidents are recording and investigated via our online record, notify and investigation system.


Please hover on the icons below to see the key features of our service. You can have all of your workplace incidents and injuries reported through the same system. You can utilise our 24x7 Contact Centre, or provide a Self-Service web-based system for your managers to input incidents and complete online investigations.

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  • Single entry point for all incidents and injuries
  • Immediate and accurate notifications to multiple stakeholders
  • Triage of injury if required
  • Online report access

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  • Immediate and accurate notifications to multiple stakeholders
  • Email and SMS delivery
  • Custom escalation of certain types of incidents - e.g. injuries, psychological injury etc.
  • Custom email templates for incidents

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  • Simple online investigation system for managers to utilise
  • Reminders to complete investigations
  • Escalation of uncompleted investigations
  • Categorisation of all investigations and incidents

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  • Comprehensive online reporting for all incidents and investigations
  • Extraction of all incident data in CSV format for further manipulation
  • Reporting reflects your organisational structure

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the system have the ability to customise the incident report?

    Yes. We tailor each incident report for every client so that it captures the information required for incident management

  • How do managers enter incidents?

    Each approved manager will receive security protected access to input incidents and injuries into the system via a web-based system. It's easy to enter incidents and requires minimal training. However we provide online tutorials as well.

  • Can you report all incident types, like near misses, property damage or environmental impacts?

    Yes. The system is designed so that all EH&S incident report types can be captured.

  • How do managers investigate incidents?

    The system provides managers with alerts to investigate incidents in accordance with your company policy. Managers login to our investigation module, and will see the incidents they need to investigate. Reminders are sent to managers for any uncompleted investigation so they are prompted to complete them. If they remain uncompleted, reminders are sent to OH&S and more senior management based on time parameters. All investigations completed can be reviewed online and extracted for further analysis into CSV.