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InjuryAssist – A Workplace Injury Management Program

Injury Triage Service (Nurse Triage & Medical Advice)

The DHS InjuryAssist program is a Nurse Triage service for workplace injuries (Injury Triage & Medical Advice) designed to manage workplace injuries and promote stay at work outcomes and to fast track injured workers into a specialist network of doctors and physiotherapists. On average our clients achieve a 50%-60% reduction in workers compensation claims and insurance costs. from illness or injury sustained in the workplace.

Injury Triage Service

injury-assist-logo-275The InjuryAssist Injury Triage serviceis a 24×7 Injury Response, medical advice and fast track referral to specially selected national network of medical providers.

InjuryAssist Injury Triage program (nurse triage and medical advice) delivers an immediate reduction in medical treatment injuries and subsequent workers compensation claims, typically by up to 60%.

How does The Program work?

InjuryAssist Injury Triage Program streamlines 24/7 medical advice with fast-tracked medical treatment for injured worker, supported with real-time notifications and comprehensive injury and incident reporting and analytics.



Report Injury: An employee who is ill or injured accesses immediate medical advice from a Registered Nurse via the InjuryAssist Nurse Triage hotline. The hotline is open 24/7, 365 days a year.


Injury Triage ( Nurse Triage and Medical Advice): Our AHPRA registered Triage Nurses have expertise in workplace injuries and emergency triage. During a consultation, they may recommend basic first aid, and self-management advice or the employee may be referred to a preferred medical provider. Our Triage Nurses can manage and resolve the majority of injuries during the initial consultation reducing unnecessary medical appointments, workers compensation claims and helping employees return to full duties, as soon as possible.


Notification: Notifications are sent via email/SMS as soon as an injury is reported to all stakeholders nominated by you. The notification will include a full injury report, Nurse Triage report and injury management recommendations.


Medical Network: If an injury requires further medical attention, the Triage Nurse schedules an appointment and briefs a doctor or physiotherapist from InjuryAssist’s preferred medical network, typically within 15 minutes. We have 4,700 medical providers across Australia and 97% of referred medical appointments occur on the same day.


Follow Up: The InjuryAssist program aims to provide employees and their managers reassurance, expert guidance and support when they need it most. Our Triage Nursing team may follow up with the injured worker and/or manager the next day, to offer further advice and support. If any time off work is necessary, the Triage Nurse will communicate directly with the employee’s manager/ injury management team and medical provider. Follow-up programs will ensure the employee’s injury status is updated and facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work.


Reporting System: As soon as an injury is reported, your team will be advised in real-time via the InjuryAssist Nurse Triage hotline. Our reporting system provides real-time records of all injuries reported, their status, and transparency of activities to assess the performance of the InjuryAssist program in terms of reductions in recordable injuries, medical treatment/LTI’s and average claims costs.



  • As most injuries and illnesses are minor/ moderate in severity, Nurse Triage advice for injuries reduces time off work and medical treatment
  • More severe injuries are not overlooked and can be managed effectively with early intervention & treatment
  • Quality of Nurse Triage provides a reliable, best in class service to employees and managers
  • A seamless process from reporting of injury through to co-ordination of medical treatment


Benefits for Employers

  • Consistent injury reporting achieved through a centralised number
  • High quality and immediate medical advice 24/7 for employees and managers demonstrates the organisation cares
  • Improved preferred medical network utilisation reduces claims volume
  • Reduced claims cost, reporting lag times and injury response burden from internal resources


Benefits For Employees

  • Willing participation in process – 97.5% of callers opt-in to the program
  • Immediate and quality medical attention 24/7 provides support and reassurance
  • Independent assessment, education and advice for managing illness/injury and getting back to work
  • Concierge service to coordinate treatment with network or own doctor increases satisfaction and engagement


  • Injury Triage Response: Early intervention at the most critical point to assist employees back to work sooner.
  • 24-7 nationwide access: employees can call around the clock to receive immediate professional medical advice and care, report their injury and be directed to the appropriate level of care.
  • Prompt injury report notification:  to all stakeholders who need to know. Centralised reporting of all workplace injuries; data customised to your requirements.
  • Reduced frequency and severity of workers compensation claims: thanks to immediate medical intervention.
  • Improved utilisation of Preferred Injury Treatment Network: Fast track injured workers into our preferred network of over 4,500 providers, all managed in one call!
  • Best in class advice and Nurse Expertise: medical protocols and guidelines applied for consistency of delivery and risk mitigation.

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