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Injury Management Medical Treatment Network

InjuryAssist Medical Treatment Network

InjuryAssist Medical Treatment Network

DHS InjuryAssist Medical Treatment Network (MTN) is a specialist injury management network that includes over 4000 Doctors and Physiotherapists across 2000 locations in Australia. We have the largest network in Australia.

As soon as one of your employees are injured, you can immediately request a Fast Track Appointment for the injured worker to see a trained DHS InjuryAssist doctor or physiotherapist.

All InjuryAssist health providers commit to working with both employee and employer to return the worker back to health and back to work safely and quickly. 98% of medical appointments are arranged within 15 minutes of initial request by employee or manager.

Requesting InjuryAssist Medical/Physio Appointment

  • Employee sustains or reports an injury/illness
  • Manager or employee contacts dedicated InjuryAssist support line to request appointment
  • DHS injury management team will arrange an appointment, within 30 minutes, and contact the employee and manager with details
  • DHS will contact the practitioner to discuss the injury case and suitable duties the employer offers.
  • Full details of the referral are sent to the doctor/phsio for review prior to the consultation
  • Following the consultation the DHS injury management team will contact the manager and/or employee to obtain the outcome of the consultation, and identify if further injury management support is required. Follow up programs can be tailored to client requirements.

About Our Medical Treatment Network

Our medical practitioners and physiotherapists are selected based on their ability to deal with workplace injuries and have a strong interest in occupational health. All practitioners who are enrolled in our program are required to adhere to our InjuryAssist Program Principles and are comprehensively briefed on the program objectives for each customer.

Network Benefits

  • Access to a network of 4,000 doctors and physiotherapists across Australia, who provide preference treatment for employers and have a focus on occupational health
  • Reduced lost time injuries
  • Fully documented certificates of capacity where required
  • Fast track appointments scheduled within 15 minutes of the injury occurring
  • Communication with the doctor/physio about the injury and suitable duties offered by the employer, prior to the consultation
  • The InjuryAssist network enrols to our program principles, and are subject to our Quality Assurance standards
  • Streamlined invoicing procedures, tailored to each client
  • Update notifications, and phone calls on cases, flexible to your requirements
  • Post injury follow up support via our Injury Management Advisors


Contact us now to find out more about our Early Intervention Injury Management, Injury Triage and Medical Treatment Provider Programs on 1300 655 123.

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