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Creating resilient & mentally healthy workplaces.

Resilience & Wellbeing

We focus on individual and organisational strategies that consider the whole spectrum of resilience, mental wellness and positive leadership which results in high performing and healthy workplace cultures.

Resilience & Wellbeing

In a world where we are asked to do more with less raises the important questions around how to create sustainable and resilient workplaces.  Resilience is one of the major untapped resources available to the economy which has the advantage of driving, supporting and building long-term success.

Direct Health Solutions’ resilience programs develop hardy attitudes and skills in people to help them survive and thrive under stress conditions.  The courage and motivation of the “resilient attitudes” influence the development of transformational coping and social support.  Within a broader learning  framework, our approach also gives people additional strategies to help them thrive and perform at their best by building on strengths and by increasing positive emotion – among other things.  This wider framework further includes the physical and biological foundations (physical activity, sleep and nutrition), and the emotional, social, and cognitive dimensions.

Our programs are delivered by specialist HR and OD facilitators, and qualified leadership trainers and coaches. Programs are blended with cutting-edge content, multi-media, case study analyses, experiential exercises, and diagnostics. Programs cover:

  • Resilience Training for Leaders and Staff
  • Managing Pressure & Stress Positively
  • Positive Leadership & Strengths-Based Coaching Programs
  • Appreciative Inquiry Workshops
  • Resilience & Well-being Diagnostics