On average, 62% of workplace injuries can be effectively triaged over the phone by Registered Nurses. This has been achieved by capturing several thousand injury reports, on behalf of organisations in Aviation, Telecommunications, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail and Health Services.

The Injury Assist Nurse Triage Service provides a 24×7 point of contact point for all  injuries and incidents, from basic first aid calls through to more serious cases. The program is underpinned by DHS’ innovative Tele-health delivery model, and provides a cost effective, Pre-Claim safety net, reassurance and peace of mind for front line employees and management.

How does The Program work?

  1. An early intervention, workplace injury management solution: InjuryAssist integrates 24/7 medical advice with fast-tracked medical treatment for injured worker, supported with real-time notifications and comprehensive injury and incident reporting.




  • As most injuries and illnesses are minor/ moderate in severity, Registered Nurse Triage advice reduces time off work and medical treatment
  • More severe injuries are not overlooked and can be managed effectively with early intervention & treatment
  • Quality of Nurse Triage provides a reliable, best in class service to employees and managers
  • A seamless process from reporting of injury through to co-ordination of medical treatment

 Benefits for Employers

  • Consistent injury reporting achieved through a centralised number
  • High quality and immediate medical advice 24/7 for employees and managers demonstrates the organisation cares
  • Improved preferred medical network utilisation reduces claims volume
  • Reduced claims cost, reporting lag times and injury response burden from internal resources

 Benefits For Employees

  • Willing participation in process – 97.5% of callers opt-in to the program
  • Immediate and quality medical attention 24/7 provides support and reassurance
  • Independent assessment, education and advice for managing illness/injury and getting back to work
  • Concierge service to coordinate treatment with network or own doctor increases satisfaction and engagement

To find out more, contact us now on 1300 655 123 or email enquries@dhs.net.au