Our client employs 15000 employees in Australia and prides itself on exceptional human resource practices. One area of challenge was the management of absenteeism within the Contact Centre, a primary hub for sales and service to all customers.

The customer reviewed their absence management approach, and the result was the introduction of the DHS Absence Recording and Medical Advice service from Day 1. This service also included training for all managers in the Contact Centre on how to manage absence more effectively. As part of the implementation, DHS reviewed and aligned all processes and procedures for absence management, to ensure they were adopting best practice approaches.

Critical to the program was to support and improve employee well-being. The Healthline provides 24x7x365 health advice and support to all employees both whilst sick at home or at work. The opportunity for employees to receive free and confidential medical advice has been a key building block to developing a positive organisational culture that recognises the impact positive employee well-being can have on operational performance.

The challenge

  • Reduce unplanned absence
  • Have a consistent process for employees to report absences
  • Provide employees with support from Day 1 via Nurse Triage services
  • Provide managers with training support to manage absence
  • Improve management information and reporting
  • Develop metrics for managers and business units to drive improved attendance and return to work interview processes

The program

  • Introduction of the DHS absence recording service from Day 1
  • Delivery of training to all people managers on managing absence
  • Alignment of policies, procedures and practices for managing absenceĀ  for a consistent approach
  • Introduction of absence triggers and Attendance Support Plans for high level absence patterns
  • Online e-learning tools and resources provided via the DHS reporting system
  • Delivery of mental health training
  • Provision of onsite health assessments and flu vaccinations for all staff
  • Ongoing account management, consulting and advice to the executive team to assist in understanding monthly data scorecards on absence

The program has delivered sustainable improvements in absence levels, which are now well below industry averages. It is now entering it’s third year.