Our client employs 1500 employees in two production and distribution centres servicing Coles, Woolworths and many others.  The company had unplanned absence levels of  5% and was seeking to significantly reduce this level and associated costs.

According to the General Manager, “Absent employees resulted in higher use of casuals and overtime – it was costly to the organisation, and reduced the quality of service.”

Absence recording and monitoring was inconsistent, and the process at that point failed to enable the business to understand what was causing and driving absence across all business units.

DHS were approached to introduce our centralized Absence Recording solution, supported with our AttendPro real-time reporting system. Following a tender process, DHS was successful and received full backing from the Executive Leadership Team.

Within 12 months, DHS reduced absenteeism by 27% and saved over $850,000 in costs.

Nurse Led Absence Reporting

DHS implemented a 24×7 nurse led Absence Recording & Notification Service. This enabled centralized reporting of absence through a contact centre, which provided managers with immediate notifications and alerts when employees reached a pattern of threshold of absence.

The program was configured to our various EBA’s and company policies around managing leave.

The DHS Nurse Contact Centre provides all employees with confidential health advice when calling in sick for work. The nurse works to establish an estimated return to work date and sends an automatic absence notification via email and/or SMS to key management staff. During the absence, nurses make follow-up calls to update the employee’s progress and offer further advice, if required.

AttendPro is a web based portal that all mangers can access to review absence across their teams. The system provides up to date analysed data. It also provides the tools we wanted our managers to have to ensure they could have a positive impact on employees’ attendance.

Key Benefits

  • 27% reduction in absenteeism
  • $850,000 in savings each year
  • Increased manager engagement
  • Improved employee compliance to follow procedure
  • 80% of employees access confidential health advice when reporting in sick
  • All unplanned absence is captured – we reduced under-reporting of absence by 30%
  • Automated alerts to Injury management if absences are due to injuries at work

For further information or to find out how DHS can help you introduce a successful Absence Management Program in to your organisation, contact us now.