Our client, one of Australia’s largest Casino and Gaming organisations wanted to reduce the impact absenteeism was having on operations, and develop greater management accountability to manage unplanned absences. Through its work with DHS,our client implemented a trial across 600 employees in 2011 to assess the effectiveness of the DHS Absence Recording Service and training solution.

When a dealer is absent, it causes a knock on effect to the organisation, staff and the customer – fewer staff are on hand to deliver the exceptional service experienced the organisation strives for.

The client evaluated the business need, and determined it required a service that delivered a consistent process for employees to report absence, and reporting platform to provide managers with the tools and resources to manage employees upon return to work. All employees call the DHS Nurse Contact Centre to report absences and receive confidential health advice and support from Day 1 and during the absence. Line managers and workforce planning are kept informed via real-time notifications, and they receive online return to work forms and reports when employees return to work.

After 9 months, the service reduced absence by 17% and the trial was extended to a full roll-out across 2,500 employees and managers. In the 12 months to January 2014 absence levels have been at their lowest levels on record, almost 33% below the levels seen prior to the introduction of DHS.

Key Solution Features

  • 24×7 centralised absence recording and reporting
  • Confidential health advice and support to all staff
  • Training for all people managers on managing absence and supporting the program
  • Trigger management¬† automated through the DHS system
  • Organisation scorecard of key absence metrics
  • Proactive account support

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