DHS Absence Management Program enabled one of Austrlaia’s leading Aged Care Providers to reduce the cost of sick leave and absenteeism by 37% in 12 months.

Key Details

  • 37% reduction in absenteeism
  • 5,700 workdays saved, pro-rata, equivalent to 24 FTE
  • 24/7 Centralised Nurse led absence service
  • Self funded – positive return on investment

Providing Aged Care Services is a heavy labour business, and the demands on employees are significant. With a combination of full time, part-time and casual staff, the impact of absenteeism can be significant and costly. It can also impact the quality of care delivered to patients. If critical staff are absent, the roles need to be back-filled with labour hire, or staff overtime.

In 2015 the business recognised a need to address how absence was being managed. With senior health and safety having seen the DHS solution in action in a previous organisation, DHS was invited to submit a proposal that was adopted by the business. With staff located across over 20 work-site locations, a centralised approach to recording absence was an ideal solution to get transparency about actual absence rates. Key to the solution was the ability of AttendPro to provide real-time benchmark data on absence rates so that homes could be compared to each other.

“DHS provided the right balance of service: 24/7 reporting – which relieved managers from taking sick calls; An incredible reporting system – which provided managers with the right information to manage absence in a timely manner; and medical support and guidance for our employees when they were sick or injured. This component allowed our business to promptly act on any absence or injury risk immediately.”


  • Consistent 24/7 recording of all absences
  • 24/7 access to nurse triage medical advice
  • Online secure management information for managers and HR
  • Online Dashboard reporting with hotspot flags
  • RTW interview monitoring
  • Proactive account management and monthly performance analysis
  • Hotline for managers via our AbsenceAssist service to advise on complex cases