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Over 3 million Tele-health calls handled over the last 6 years.

About DHS

DHS is the leader in positive absence management and injury triage in Australia. On average, DHS enables our clients to reduce the number of days lost due to unplanned absence by 20%- 40%, and create and maintain a culture of well-being and peak performance.

About Us


DHS was founded in 2005 and is now Australia’s largest privately owned Telehealth organisations in Australia. Following a management buyout in 2010, the organisation has grown from strength to strength, and has tripled in size.

Office Locations & Service Areas

DHS has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and service Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia through our Australian based Telehealth Contact Centre and consultants located across Australia. Our head office is located  at Level 11, 50 Berry Street, North Sydney, Australia.


 DHS support over 125,000 daily through our Absence & Injury Triage programs. We have over 1000 customers who range from SME’s through to ASX 200 organisations.

Industry Sectors

DHS has customers in nearly every industry sector, Financial Services, Contact Centres, Manufacturing & Production, Telecommunications, Transport, Printing, Aviation, Food Production, Retail, Gaming & Entertainment.

Key People

Organisational Psychologists, Injury Management Experts, Leadership Trainers, Registered Nurses, Data Analysts, Insurance.

Helping organisations manage absenteeism and injuries in the workplace

Our objective is to create healthy workplaces by optimising attendance and employee well-being. Our leading absence management and injury management solutions are supported by our in-house developed AttendPro™ Technology, 24×7 InjuryAssist, and targeted Training Programs and Consulting services to ensure employers implement best practices across their organisation.

We consult closely with all of our customers by taking the time to listen to their needs, and responding by delivering a targeted solution that delivers immediate results. We are continually innovating our business and service offerings, and investing in ongoing research to ensure our programs are evidence based, and reliable.

We invite you to contact us for a discussion about our programs and your requirements.