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ERTrack is a specialist and market leading HR case management platform that provides HR a centralised system to manage all employee relations cases, and more.

Ditch the spreadsheets and record, manage and report all of your employee relations cases though a centralised portal.  Turn your cases into manageable, visible stages and steps; featuring integrated emails, letter templates, reminder emails, task and action assignment, as well as real-time dashboards and powerful analytics.

Achieve consistency in the way that you track, investigate and analyse HR issues with ERTrack – the leading specialist employee relations case management software.


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Resolve cases quicker

Securely record every detail of a case - keep on track, on-time and reduce management costs and admin.


Consistent workflows

Flexibility to design custom forms and templates to manage cases and ensure consistency in processes.


Reporting & analytics

Get detailed real-time analytics and insights into your data. Respond to board requests with smart, strategic action.


Designed by HR professionals, for HR professionals

Delivering a superb user experience ERTrack provides fast case creation, case management workflows, customised actions, alerts and secure information storage.

Designed to provide consistent workflows to easily track case outcomes and review data all in one place.


Simplified case management

Record every detail of a case using customised case forms and workflows. Achieve consistency in the way you manage and investigate cases and ensure all of your documentation is stored in one place and linked to a case.

“ERTrack has enabled us to save hundreds of man hours, and greatly reduced the workload on my HR Team” – HR Director, Major Outsourcer.


Reporting & analytics

As HR leaders take on an increasingly strategic role, they need deep data, intuitive analytics, and the support to turn insight into action.

  • View your advisers activities and case loads at a glance
  • Analyse trends in case activity, such as duration of a case by type, and other key metrics
  • Identify where cases are coming from through real-time case analysis
  • Identify people and behavioural risks that require proactive management
  • Respond to insights with smart, strategic action

Comprehensive functionality

  • Simple case creation
  • Case investigations and system-driven escalations
  • Assign case tasks and actions and track against due dates
  • Customise alerts and reminders
  • Flexible and customised workflows, including custom form building functionality
  • Powerful dashboard analytics and detailed case reporting in real-time
  • Track cases against employees or specific case types
  • Restricted access for sensitive cases and levels of responsibility
  • Secure, encrypted data storage
  • API’s and third party integration

HR case management made easy


ERTrack is simplifying the employee relations case management process. The benefits of a single portal, designed by HR professionals, ensures ERTrack is optimised for the modern HR team.


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