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Over 5 million absence reports handled over the last 12 years.

About DHS

DHS is the leader in positive absence management and injury triage in Australia. We help our clients manage and reduce absenteeism, and provide a self funded employee health and wellbeing service, 24/7. We assist our customers to streamline absence reporting, reducing admin, and providing real-time reporting and support to managers and HR to effectively monitor and manage absence.

About Us


DHS was founded in 2005 and introduced our innovative Nurse Led Absence Management Service in Australia. The organisation has rapidly grown to be the second largest Telehealth service in Australia, handling 500,000 Tele-health calls annually for absence and injury management. DHS supports over 150,000 employees and has reduced absenteeism across our customer base by 25%-40%.


  • Reduce absenteeism, and associated costs
  • Support healthy working lives and employee access to health support
  • Create consistent absence processes and procedures to enhance compliance and management engagement
  • Provide great absence reporting and real-time analytics to help our customers manage their business better
  • Be the recongised leader in absence management and injury triage in Australia

Office Locations & Service Areas

DHS has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, and we service Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Asia through our Australian based Telehealth Contact Centre and consultants located across Australia.

Industry Sectors

DHS handle over 500,000 absence an injury calls annually, and we have customers in the private and public sector. We work with clients in all industry sectors, including Aged Care & Healthcare,  Financial Services, Contact Centres, Manufacturing & Production, Telecommunications/Utilities, Transport, Printing, Aviation, Food Production, Retail, Gaming & Entertainment.

Key People

Organisational Psychologists, Injury Management Experts, Leadership Trainers, Registered Nurses, Data Analysts, Insurance.

Our Privacy Policy

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Helping organisations manage absenteeism and injuries in the workplace

Our philosophy is to help businesses manage absenteeism and injuries in the right way. Our Telehealth services uniquely put the employee first when they are sick, or injured. Through our robust management systems, we provdie organisations with the right information, and reporting to enable them to positively manage their employees.

As a team of experts, we know how to understand your needs, current situation, and identify tailored solutions that meet your requirements.

We invite you to contact us for a discussion about our programs and your requirements.

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