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Managing Absenteeism in the Mining Sector

South 32 is a leading, globally diversified mining organisation.

With a large number of employees to manage,  South32 was finding it increasingly difficult to  manage employee absenteeism manually from  spreadsheets and track fragmented employee  correspondence, emails and various phone  calls to different parties. This system caused  more problems for the operation and site  managers, as they could not keep track of who  was not present for their shift.

South32 turned to DHS’ AbsenceAssist service and digital  reporting tools from their range of Absence Management  Solutions. Employees call the 24/7 healthline to receive health  advice and report their absence with immediate notification to  managers and rostering.

“Before we turned to DHS, there were no clear expectations of what  people needed to do when they were absent. We were inundated with  phone calls and emails, there was no real cohesive way to manage  absentees,” says Rebecca de Vos, Human Resources Lead at South32.

To read more about how South 32 and DHS partnered to reduce absenteeism and enhance the process for managing unplanned leave, download the full case study here.