COVID-19 telehealth calls on the rise again

Authored by Paul Dundon


As employees are starting to return to the workplace, we are experiencing a spike in  call volumes again. Last week our COVID-19 related call volumes increased 100%.


It is expected that returning to work will likely increase the burden on internal human resource and health and wellbeing teams to respond to questions about COVID-19, absenteeism and leave policies.

Telehealth Hotline call increase observations

COVID-19 is impacting workplace absenteeism and injury. We are seeing an increase in absenteeism levels as employees return to work. Our telehealth team are reporting increased anxiety from callers about travelling to work, being around colleagues and potentially being exposed to infection.

Questions received by our telehealth team from employees have shifted from "should I get tested?" to increased anxiety and fear due to:

  • I'm scared to go to work with any symptoms, related or unrelated to COVID-19 
  • I'm really worried about going on public transport and risking exposure to COVID-19
  • My kids have returned to school and they tell me there is no physical distancing or health and hygiene controls in place
  • I live in Victoria and I'm fearful about community transmission
  • There is an increase in coughs and colds now that it's winter, it could be COVID-19

As employees are returning to the workplace, our telehealth team are providing increased health guidance using the most up to date guidelines and protocols from the Australian Government Department of Health.  Our service aims to ensure employees receive accurate and consistent information that is clinically approved.

Direct Health Solutions has taken active measures to innovate its telehealth and technology offerings, so companies can boost the health and safety of their workers during this transition phase.

Our telehealth services support companies to make evidence based decisions which enhance their end-to-end business continuity strategy.  This approach mitigates potential organisational risk and keeps employees healthier and happier.

Providing immediate access to tele-nurses, tele-doctors, tele-physios and tele-psychs provides enormous relief not only for the anxious employee needing health advice and support, but also for employers needing to look after the health and wellbeing of their workforce for business longevity.

For more information on telehealth and digital health and safety solutions as the key for a positive COVID-19 recovery, please contact us today.