2020 Employee Relations Benchmarking Survey

We are proud to release our First Employee Relations Benchmarking Survey 2020. The study provides employee relations and HR professionals, including business leaders with valuable information that will build effective teams, establish processes and methodologies, and manage employee relations according to best practices

The onset of COVID-19 has brought about significant change in the way organisations manage employee relations issues and conduct investigations. Business priorities and employee expectations will continue to shift the way organisations operate and we need to pivot to meet these evolving needs. 

In March, our Coronavirus Hotline handled over 5,500 COVID-19 related calls. Calls from employees regarding COVID-19 reduced 70% from April through to mid May. However, since late May through to late June we have seen a 75% spike in COVID-19 related calls due to fear, stress and anxiety.

To prepare for a post-COVID-19 reality, organisations will need to look to employee relations and HR now more than ever. Employers will need to offer increased levels of employee support and a greater extent of reporting to effectively manage operational productivity as they adjust to more remote and hybrid working models.

"We are all working without a playbook and there will be issues that arise that we didn’t plan for."

We hope that the study provides a gold standard resource to help employee relations and HR professionals rethink how employee issues are handled in the ‘new’ normal, identify areas of risk and develop strategies that lead to positive change and growth within their organisation.

Thank you to each and every survey participant for your generosity in gathering and sharing organisational data and insights which will ultimately change workplaces for the better. Stay safe and healthy.

To read more about employee issue trends and metrics, case volumes and management, investigation practices and training, and tracking systems and technology use download a free report

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