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The onset of COVID-19 has brought about significant change in the way organisations manage employee relations issues and conduct investigations. Coupled with an increasingly litigious workforce and a rise in workforce mental health issues, employee relations (ER) has never been more important for organisational health and longevity.

Organisations caught unawares 

A new study reports Australian organisations have been caught unawares by COVID-19 and are struggling to track and manage their changing workforce, with only 26% of all organisations tracking ER issues, and 18% of organisations not tracking issues at all. 

Our first Employee Relations Benchmarking Study, found 66% of organisations also reported an increase in mental health issues across their workforces and many are unclear on the best way to identify and manage them.

Opening up a pandora’s box of lawsuits

Many organisations run the risk of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting a lost cause, and when the sobering reality of this lens is applied, it is clear that ER must be managed effectively so as to avoid the litigation game. 

To survive moving forward, organisations will need to look to ER and HR now more than ever. One of the best ways to achieve this is using a purpose-built HR case management software.

What is HR case management software and why do I need it?

HR case management systems or software solutions offer a powerful technology platform enabling HR departments to use one, centralised database, to manage employee relations issues and case investigations. 

Typically, it is a platform featuring inbuilt intelligence to not only record, manage and report employee relations (ER) issues, but to also identify, track and investigate ER issues efficiently and quickly.

Benefits of HR case management software

A centralised HR case management platform that contains all case information in an organised, accessible format for HR and stakeholders is critical to maintaining a healthy and engaged workforce, as well as providing an effective ethics and compliance program.

Through HR case management software, ER issues can be managed via one centralised organisational portal to ensure consistency of approach and security of information. It also gives HR managers the flexibility to remotely access any documentation for key stakeholders.  

This kind of flexible, secure organisational tool makes it easy for HR to scale their ER issues tracking efforts, create ER cases and manage multiple investigations, as well as analyse and investigate ER data to manage risk and identify opportunities for organisational improvement. 

To find out more, check out our free HR Case Management Software Playbook.