Are your internal resources consumed with COVID-19 issues?

Did you know that you can outsource some or all of your pandemic response needs to us? We have established a large COVID-19 team to deliver programs designed to minimise the impacts of the pandemic, create confidence amongst your workforce, and demonstrate to employees that you genuinely care about their health and safety.

Organisations across the country are in uncharted territory with COVID-19 forcing many to pivot fast to address the health and safety needs of their workforce.  As Australia's leader in 24x7 telehealth services and HR and safety software, we are the 'go to' for pandemic response solutions.

Please contact us if you would like a quote, or simply to talk about your needs further.

Programs can be tailored and set-up as quickly as 24 hours, and include:

COVID-19 Programs Description
Staff Communications Management Our expert consultants can customise outbound communications to your staff providing workplace COVID-19 updates.  All content considers latest information published by the Australian Government Department of Health.
24x7 COVID-19 Hotline A 24x7 tele-triage service staffed by registered nurses and doctors, offering immediate alerts and real-time leader-level dashboards.
Temperature Checks On-site registered nurses perform on-site temperature checks and offer employees general health advice and support.
COVID-19 Testing Registered nurses conduct on-site COVID-19 testing with results obtained as quickly as 24 to 48 hours. In the event that you have potential exposure to COVID-19, our telehealth team provides contact tracing follow-up and case management.
COVID-19 Tracker  We have developed an industry leading employee relations platform with a COVID-19 module to record, track and report on COVID-19 cases. The system is easy to implement and really intuitive for your HR team to use.
Case Management Our COVID-19 telehealth team coordinates the testing process and provides regular wellbeing checks to employees who are required to isolate. Escalations and medical certificates are managed by our tele-doctors to ensure a quick and safe return to work.
Telehealth Programs Our multi-disciplinary team of tele-nurses, tele-doctors, tele-physios and tele-psychs are available around the clock to support workplace injuries, pre-employments, absenteeism, and mental health challenges.
Virtual Wellness Workshops With remote working and mental health issues on the rise, it is essential to facilitate connectedness and psychological wellbeing amongst your teams. Our injury experts and psychologists can deliver a range of 'hot topics' depending on your area of need.
Absence Management We offer a single number for your staff to report an absence. Employees receive confidential health advice and support from registered nurses, and managers are notified in real-time.