New COVID-19 tracking & case management software

We have seen a 15% increase in absenteeism this week, and with the situation surrounding COVID-19 changing daily, employers are struggling to manage the evolving landscape.

DHS want to support your increase in case management workload and changing employee issues. We have been working around the clock to launch COVIDTrack, a central portal for all employee COVID-19 cases to be tracked, managed and reported on.

Key benefits:

  • Document and track employee cases of COVID-19
  • Implement fair, consistent monitoring for all employees
  • Identify trends and produce reporting and insights for senior management and the board
  • Quick and easy to implement and use

We have established a 24/7 Coronavirus Hotline to help employers manage the response to the current pandemic. This service is now LIVE!

Employers around Australia and the world are rapidly putting in place their pandemic response plan to ensure robust support for the health and safety of their employees.

Telehealth is a primary pillar of every pandemic response plan. As the spread of the virus grows, employees may be forced to work from home, remote staff will have challenges accessing care, and hospitals and GP clinics won’t be able to handle the expected surge in patients.

Our Coronavirus Hotline service provides employers with a way immediate access to advice if other providers are over capacity or even under quarantine.

Our unique, dedicated 24/7 nurse-led Coronavirus Hotline means that anxious or sick employees have access to the most current advice, can receive reassurance and help when they need it.

Unique nurse triage and early warning system

In addition to a dedicated tele-nurse hotline, our proprietary software will provide an early warning system, which can alert employers within seconds of illnesses being reported that there is risk of the coronavirus within your organisation.

This will ensure the implement of infectious disease protocols as early as possible and work towards minimising the impact.

Bespoke, centralised COVID-19 tracker

Key features:

  • Nurse-led Hotline providing immediate symptom assessment, advice and reassurance for employees
  • Dedicated nurses will have up to date information on coronavirus, evaluate risk and provide support to help relieve symptoms, addressing both physical and mental health needs
  • Immediate referral to our extensive network of medical professionals
  • Centralised case tracking, managed by health professionals
  • Ongoing case follow up with affected employees
  • Real time data and reporting – configured to your business requirements
  • Set up in just 24 hours

If you are interested in COVIDTrack as a stand alone or integrated as part of a broader 24x7 Nurse-led telehealth solution, request a quote or demo today:

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