Our absence programs slash absence rates by 40%

An absence management strategy is a complex interaction of process, reporting systems, management action and employee behaviour, not to mention workplace culture and engagement. Through centralisation of absence recording, we are able to do a number of essential activities to help business get control of absenteeism, develop positive workplace cultures and demonstrate real benefits

Our early intervention absence management program –  AbsenceAssist – delivers significant cost savings for your business by reducing sick leave and unplanned absence rates, getting employees back to work faster, and enabling managers to identify and resolve problematic absence patterns.

AbsenceAssist centralises the recording and reporting of absence and is powered by our world class AbsenceTrack software. Our service provides a single point of contact for employees to report an absence, confidential health advice and support for employees, automated management workflows, and accurate real-time absence reporting using PowerBI  data analytics, and more.

For the organisation:

  • 25% -40% reduction in absenteeism rates
  • $10 return for every $1 invested
  • Improved workforce wellbeing

For HR and managers:

  • Reduce administration workload
  • Reduced cost in managing employee absence
  • Access to real-time reporting, dashboards and absence calendars
  • Identification of hotspots
  • Full employee record capture

For employees:

  • Simple process to report an absence
  • Confidential wellbeing support, 24/7
  • Free healthcare for adult family member
  • Referral to health services (eg EAP)

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